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I got word that friendster is closing (?) So I tried to rummage in my profile. Needless to say, I still like my old self even if I did so much embarrassing moments during that time. Anyway, this site, or this social networking site, memories from my highschool and college is smeared all over its pages. And even if it will take me a lot of time to copy all my pictures I still want to save them.

I’m trying to be nostalgic right now, but I can’t? Nande?

I’m just going to keep my profile here:

(Back when I was in HS and college, this was me.)

Interested In:
Just looking around

Member Since:
Jul 2005

Profile Viewed:

quezon city

Your URL :

Other education:
PUP-main, NaKbAh, cainta catholic school…, ung kinder di ko ‘lam


Seeds Of the NationS, c.v.s.c., tropang fairview, 18th company

What I enjoy doing:
reading good books! (or blogs, articles, devo nbs, & my pink diary); listening to radio (before: campus radio 97.1/campus fm 99.5| now: nu rock 107.5 stairway to seven, rocked radio & against the flow) watching t.v. ; mag-internet (sa ph0ne or pc, pwede! ü); devotion (makes everything worthwhile, ); thinking a lot(wala lang!); and currently craving graphic arts and designing. err, blogging?! ü

Favorite Books:
Bible, the purpose driven life, under cover, chicken soup books, my devo nbs( book ba toh?), my pink diary (eto din, hindi yata, ) hp bo0ks (dati!?)…Ü

Favorite Movies:
facing the giantS

Favorite Music:
i love classical na din pala. [ i never thought..] ung beethoven symphony no. 7 and mozart sonata for two pianos and rhapsody in blue. anything that captures my ears(ung kahit hindi ko alam kung sino kumanta mapapasabay ako), basta ba hindi malungkot eh. here’s the narrowed down list of some of the artists i listen to:[avril, eyes set to kill, flyleaf, hillsong, new found glory, paramore, angulo, chicosci, hilera, imbue no kudos, plane divides the sky, rico blanco, silent sanctuary, spongecola] kahit anu lang matrip-an, music na nakakapagpasaya at hindi nakakasakit.

Favorite TV Shows:
nodame cantabile., MYX, MTV, prince of tennis, spongebob squarepants, one piece, the wallflower. rakista, gokusen 1, 2 & 3, special a

About Me:
“my flesh and my heart may fail
but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever”
psalm 73:26

i never thought i would like classical music but nodame cantabile made me lurve it!!

minsan madalas lang talaga akong magsabi ng ‘ha’ at ‘ano yun?’
hindi dahil slow ako kundi may iba akong iniisip. gets? haha

tapos kapag tahimik ako, wala lang talaga akong masabi at wala akong iniisip noh?

for more pictures:
Who I Want to Meet:

God will never leave you empty-handed, He will replace everything you’ve lost.
if He ask you to put something down, it’s because He wants you to pick up something greater.


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